The existing efforts put by the management are about the infrastructure planned to be developed for overall business and entrepreneurship at STEP-Gopali. The vacant spaces at Gopali is being planned to be utilized for the development of the cluster park proposed earlier. This will not only help STEP Gopali to grow but also develop an ecosystem for entrepreneurs.

Apart from IT, the cluster space can nurture domains of biotech, horticulture and other small industries to increase the overall visibility of the STEP activities. In consonance with the plans, STEP has already commenced initial processes and procedures for initiating the cluster initiative. This includes

Building plan has been duly completed

At present, we have decided to construct one unit

Originally Phase - I (one block) and Phase - II and Phase - III (two blocks each) which would have been part of a spread out campus. Internal accruals are proposed to be utilized for initiating with phase - I.

Furthermore, the Phase-I is proposed to be located within the inner boundary wall so that security, civil infrastructure and administrative support will not incur any additional expense. Phase - II will also propose to be located within the inner boundary wall for similar reasons. Phase - III will be on the north side of the property and will be only possible with new identified funding or donations. None of the phases will encroach upon any current tea garden.