MSME funds were approved to IIT Kharagpur for utilization of selected companies in the year 2009.

Date of inception: June 04, 2009.
First phase (Sl no. 1-5) fund disbursed 100%

Sl No Name of the incubatee Detail of Idea/Project Fund Availed (Rs)
01 Mr. Kallol Mallick Heart Throb: The prime objective of the product is to manufacture multi-factor medical measurement instruments, capable of
  • Measuring multiple medical signals in one unit
  • Storing the information for future use
  • Transmitting the data over an appropriate transmission medium (computer, internet or cell phones) as and when required with low cost
Disbursed: 3 Lakhs
02. Mr. Shamit Patra Rock Profile: It is a robust, accurate, non-contact 3D surface profiler. It is a complete, independent, laboratory table-top, low-cost system for non-contact measurement of surface profile of various objects, especially rock-joint surfaces. Disbursed: 3.4 Lakhs
03. Mr. Sandip pal Interactive Software Learning System (ISILS) for multimedia content delivery & interaction: a computer controlled electronic device which is required to deliver multimedia content and interact with the users. Disbursed: 3 Lakhs
04. Mr. Yasowant Roy Manufacturing of export quality Polyamide/polyester/fiberglass/cotton woven tape for electric insulation Disbursed: 3 Lakhs
05. Mr. Shwetank Jain iCon Active Power Conditioner which uses an innovative and unique inverter technology based on FACTS (Flexible AC Transmission Systems). The technology works at integrating power coming from various sources, improving the quality of the power that is consumed, and thus reducing the utility bills and increasing utilization. Disbursed: 3 Lakhs
06. Dr. Siuli Roy Wall-mounted wireless intrusion detection system:
  • Design and development of a prototype wall mounted wireless intrusion detection system
  • Lab scale testing and actual field trial of the product
  • Pre-marketing demonstration of the product to likely end-user community
  • Refining the product as per user feedback, if necessary
  • Identifying partners for large-scale manufacturing, marketing and scales of product
Sanctioned: 6.25 Lakhs, Disbursed: 1.875 Lakhs
07. Mr. Pankaj Pathak Optimized orchestration of healthcare entities to enable an effective healthcare delivery to rural India, saving costs for patients and enhancing the overall effectivity of treatments using information and communication technology, Biotechnology and process definition. Sanctioned: 6.25 Lakhs, Disbursed: 1.875 Lakhs
08. Mr. Aniruddha Jana Indigenous Li-ion batteries:
  • Developing commercial prototype
  • Taking feedback from market after providing commercial prototype to some customers
providing commercial prototype to some customers
Sanctioned: 6.25 Lakhs, Disbursed: 1.875 Lakhs
09. Mr. Bijoy Chakraborty Manufacturing various LED based lamps & bulbs in replacement for conventional indoor lighting system like CFL and GLS lamps. Sanctioned: 6.25 Lakhs,Disbursed: 1.80 Lakhs
10. Mr. Vivek Pandey Manufacturing Solar Micro Cold Storage For Small Scale Raw Material Vendors Sanctioned: 6.25 lakhs
11 Mr. Rahul Raj Software Solution Sanctioned: 5 lakhs