The applicant is first and foremost checked for the differentiator. The differentiator for us is the technological innovation of a product or a process. This differentiator must be an IP of the innovator himself. The product proposed must meet a new idea of the innovator. In case the innovator has used some process which has been taken from somewhere then it is checked if he/she has been assigned the use of the process by the owner of the process IP. The standing committee generally looks for the benefits that will be accrued to the society through the innovation /start-up. The committee also looks for the benefits accrued to the customers of the products and whether they shall be viable in the long run. The product is also checked for the environmental compatibilities and the socio-technical utility. Once the IP assignments or the belongingness of the innovator is confirmed we allow the applicant to be present before the selection committee. The selection committee consists of the eminent professors, industrial heads and innovators. Thus there are three important committees in the decision making and working of the process.

a) The standing Committee

b)The selection committee

c)The Experts monitoring Committee

The experts committee consists of those professors and industrial consultants who have been in the field of research and development for a long time as well as have a lot of experience in the fields of the respected applicants’ products and processed. Once they pass the selection committee, they are granted a reasonable fund support for their innovations. They are continuously monitored for their progress including the technological progress, financial progress, their roadmaps and future plans by the experts monitoring committee which reviews the projects and their progress. The monitoring committee generally keeps a tab on the projects and the achievements made by the innovators and entrepreneurs to fulfill the projection. An analysis and subsequent roadmap to achieve the targets is given to the entrepreneurs.